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Welcome to Thermal Africa! We’re your go-to place for top-quality all-weather scopes in South Africa. Whether you love hunting, need to keep an eye on security, or just enjoy being outdoors, our scopes work great in any weather. This guide will help you understand everything about all-weather scopes, so you can pick the right one for you.

What is Thermal Vision?

Thermal vision scopes, or thermal imaging scopes, see heat instead of light. This means they can work in total darkness, through smoke, fog, and other obstacles that regular night vision can’t handle. They’re super useful for a lot of different things.

What kind of device is it ?

In simple terms, it is a process where infrared radiation that is invisible to humans (and animals) is converted into a visible image.That amount is based on the heat of the object. And while the temperature of plants, ground, and other objects will be more or less the same as the air temperature, animals, on the other hand, emit more heat, and the amount of it differs depending on the body part. A thermal vision device picks up those heat signals and then converts them into an image.You may wonder if a thermal night vision device is somehow different then. And well, we could basically say that there is no such thing as thermal night vision because thermal vision works both day and night. Or, if you look at it from a different perspective, every thermal vision device is also a night vision thermal device.

Why Use a Thermal Vision Scope?

See in the Dark

Thermal scopes don’t need light to work, so you can see clearly even in pitch black.

All-Weather Use

They can see through smoke, fog, and dust, making them great in tough conditions.

Spot Hidden Objects and gives safety

Heat signatures reveal animals, people, and equipment that might be hidden. It’s also Perfect for security work, letting you monitor areas and spot threats easily.

How Can You Use Thermal Vision Scopes?


Thermal scopes make hunting at night much easier. You can spot animals by their heat, even through thick brush.

Wildlife Watching

Thermal scopes let you observe animals at night without disturbing them. Great for researchers and nature lovers.


Thermal scopes are excellent for security jobs, helping you monitor large areas and detect intruders. They’re also useful in search and rescue missions.


Thermal scopes help you navigate safely by spotting other boats, debris, and even marine life.

Our Top Thermal Vision Scopes


If you are looking to improve your shooting precision and accuracy during difficult hunts, it’s time to go thermal. Thermal imaging rifle scopes provide better recognition in tough conditions, allowing you to feel more confident and choose your target more precisely. But a thermal imaging scope isn’t the only option – you could also go for a thermal imaging clip-on, also known as a thermal imaging front attachment. This way, you get to keep your daytime scope and use it at night or in high humidity by simply attaching the clip-on at the front of the scope’s lens.  To help you decide between the two devices, let’s have a closer look at the best clip-on thermal scope and the best thermal imaging scope Pulsar has to offer Krypton 2 is our newest thermal imaging front attachment, and it has many fans worldwide. Much more compact and powerful than its predecessor, it can also transform into a handheld spotter, which basically makes Krypton a two-in-one device.


The biggest updates include a better-balanced design, with the battery now sitting on top of the device. Not only does it make more convenient to carry around, but it also powers it up for up to 11 hours straight. And it’s interchangeable, meaning you can swap a flat battery for another one in seconds while out in the field.

 Krypton 2 has two models: FXG50 and FXQ35. The first one has a larger sensor resolution and a great detection range, while the second features higher thermal sensitivity for more humid conditions.

Thermion 2

Thermion 2  is great if you are looking for a more compact version. Primarily designed for stalk hunting, it is perfect for making important decisions fast and carrying around for hours. Keep in mind that it is made for closer distance shooting – 70 to a little over 100 meters, depending on the model you choose. 

Now, if you’re after something that is a little more classic and classy, will likely be a better option for you. Its housing mimics that of a classic scope, and inside it, you will find all the premium features, including the most advanced image processing algorithms, cutting-edge optics, and powerful thermal sensors. With multiple models available, you will surely choose the best thermal imaging scope for your needs.

ATN Thor 4

Ultra HD Sensor

It gives Crystal clear images.

Video Recording

It can Capture your hunts.

Ballistic Calculator

It Helps you aim better.

Wi-Fi Streaming

Watch on your phone in real-time.

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Yes, thermal imaging can be used for hunting as it helps detect animals based on their heat signatures.

The best type of scope for hunting depends on the conditions, but generally, a variable power scope with a good light transmission and a wide field of view is preferred.

The legality of thermal scopes varies by region, so it’s important to check local laws and regulations.

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