Why a Dash Cam is a Good Buy

Watching a YouTube video recently, showing how a motorist was prompted for a bribe by a traffic police officer, reminded me about my own unpleasant encounter outside Mbombela where I was pulled over by a traffic officer and accused of not having stopped at a stop sign. Knowing that was not the case, a sinking feeling of utter powerlessness engulfed me as I realized it will yet be again a situation of his word against mine. ‘If only I owned a Dash Cam, the recording of the actual events would have saved my day’, I lamented silently.

The video camera inside the Dash Cam continuously records everything through the windshield and even inside the car in the case of models boasting the dual recording feature.

Having a Dash Cam mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield, is as good as having a silent but accurate witness present. Other benefits are:

  1. Solid proof of your innocence in motor accidents

You can submit the recorded video tape of the Dash Cam as visual evidence to help resolve disputes and proof your innocence that the accident was not caused by your driving behaviour. If you were the guilty one though, the recording serves to teach you a good lesson!

  1. An eagle’s eye on external events and peace of mind when you are not in the car

The GPS device embedded in the dash cam records every detail inside and outside of your car including driving speed, locations, geographical areas covered and even the actions of repair services at the garage as well as external events when the car is parked.

Your car is probably one of your most valuable assets and therefore a Dash Cam could be considered indispensable.     

  1. Fraud Prevention

Insurance and accident fraud are prevalent in our day and age.  Often accidents are staged by fraudsters deliberately causing an accident to blame it on the other driver to claim from the insurance or extort money from innocent victims. Surprisingly, even pedestrians purposedly faking injuries by walking into a stationary vehicle.  However, their actions will be identified as such in the Dash Cam’s video recording.  Vandalism too is captured in video and picture evidence.

  1. Unforgettable Journeys Recorded

Relive your entire road trip and recall pleasant memories by watching your journeys recorded in the Dash Cam.

Dash Cams Boast Myriad Features and Functions

The technological development of consumer Dash Cams’ features and functions in a rapidly evolving automotive industry, is on par with driver’s demands and preferences. The latest Dash Cam models display innovation and advancement:

  • Units are compact and discreet
  • Extra-wide lens for extra coverage – 180°
  • HD Video Format
  • Automatic Recording
  • Incident Detection with GPS (Garmin)
  • Lane Departure Warnings
  • Voice Control
  • View and Share Video (Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity and Bluetooth® technology)

The Bottom Line

In summary, a dashboard camera is a great investment and almost indispensable.  It has become quite affordable, is cost-effective and aesthetically designed to have a sophisticated look but at the same time inconspicuous not to attract attention. The Dash Cam consists of a microphone and fixed-lens digital camera and are easily installed. 

For Dash Cam mounting, choose between suction cup or adhesive tape mounting.  With suction cup, you can move the Dash Cam at will but with adhesive tape mounting, it is oriented properly upon installing, the angle stays adjusted, and the unit is securely in place without need for repositioning.

Choose from a wide array of Dash Cameras ranging in price and product value.  The best of premium models impresses with night vision, in-vehicle Alexa Voice Service integration for hands-free smart assistance and 4K Video quality which enables you to read number plates on passing vehicles. Most entry-level models boast colour displays, time- and data stamps, second lenses, video recordings in full HD, and G-Force sensors. 

The Display Room offers the world’s best Dash Cams, selected by industry professionals known for their prime choices. You are welcome to contact us for guidance and information to purchase the Dash Cam most suitable for you.

Jean Brown ,15/8/2021

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