Non-lethal weapons, are weapons designed to kill a living target less frequently than traditional weapons such as knives and firearms with live ammo.

But non-lethal weapons attempt to reduce the danger of casualties (e.g. serious/permanent injuries or death) as much as possible.

Non-lethal weapons are employed in policing and military scenarios to prevent conflict from escalating when using fatal force is illegal or undesirable.

When rules of engagement require minimal casualties, or when policy prohibits the use of conventional force.

When faced with an undesirable escalation of conflict in the past, military and police forces had few options.

Military troops manning embassies were frequently limited to carrying only unloaded weapons.

Only batons or similar club-like weapons, bayonet or sword charges.

These non-lethal weapons are best use for outdoor adventure to save yourself from any danger.

The Non-Lethality Policy Review Group at the United States Global Strategy Council in Washington.

Other independent think tanks around the world, called for a concerted effort

It is to develop weapons that were more life-saving.

Environmentally friendly, and fiscally responsible than those available at the time in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The NON-LETHAL Umarex Shotgun 68 has two barrels and is powerful and fast.

It’s ready to use at any time thanks to its quick-piercing technology.

You can puncture the CO2 capsule with a simple blow on the bottom of the grip whenever the situation calls for it.

A Picatinny rail and a pressure indicator are included with the HDS.

Rubber balls, pepper rounds, chalk balls, and paintballs.

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