How to update your Garmin products

Upgrade your Garmin

Upgrading your Garmin products are essential to maximise the GPS effectiveness. It often includes the following:
– Map updates
– Software updates
– Golf course updates
– Syncing fitness data
– And much more

Do the updates regularly by downloading Garmin Express software on your computer and follow the prompts and processes.  Visit the Garmin website at

Software Update

For all devices that are still supported by Garmin, new software versions get released on a continuous basis. It is your responsibility as consumer to ensure the latest software is installed on your device.


Should our clients need support with the download process, The Display Room will gladly assist them free of charge. Only pay for the courier costs. If you didn’t purchase your device from The Display Room, we will charge R400 to download the latest software for you and you will also be responsible for the courier costs.

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